Alejandro Bárcenas


Previously taught courses

Texas State University - San Marcos

Phil 1305 Philosophy and Critical Thinking(Core Curriculum)

Phil 2311 History of Philosophy before 1600

Phil 2312 History of Philosophy after 1600

Phil 4350 Philosophy of the Arts

Phil 4372 Latin American Philosophy

Phil 5388 Problems in Philosophy

Universidad Central de Venezuela

La Filosofía del Renacimiento (Renaissance Philosophy)

La Estética de Hegel (Hegel's Aesthetics)

Tres Filósofos Chinos de la Edad Clásica: Confucio, Lao zi y Han Fei (Three Chinese Philosophers from the Classical Period: Confucius, Lao zi, Han Fei)

El Republicanismo de Maquiavelo (Machiavelli's Republicanism)

LLB 532 Tragedia y Pensamiento (Core Curriculum / Humanities Requirement)

LLA 113 Lengua y Literatura 3 (Core Curriculum / Spanish equivalent to English 102)

LLA 112 Lengua y Literatura 2 (Core Curriculum / Spanish equivalent to English 101)

LLA 111 Lengua y Literatura 1 (Core Curriculum / Spanish equivalent to English 100)

Phil 212 Between Ancient and Modern Philosophy (DH/WI)

Phil 101 Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and Society (DH/WI)

Phil 100 Introduction to Philosophy: Survey of Problems (DH/WI)

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