Alejandro Bárcenas


"El Príncipe(The Prince)"
by Niccolò Machiavelli

Translation, introduction and notes
with José Rafael Herrera
(Caracas: Los Libros de El Nacional, Colección Ares # 12, 1999 (reprint 2004, 2006))
ISBN 9806423364


"Modern Japanese Aesthetics and the Neo-Kantians"
Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy 6:
Confluences and Cross-Currents
edited by Raquel Bouso and James W. Heisig
(Nagoya: Nanzan 2009)
ISBN 9784990424831

"A Manera de Proemio Histórico"
Preface to "Los Cuatro Libros de Confucio(The four books of Confucius)"

translated by Cheng Lin
Caracas: Los Libros de El Nacional, Colección Ares # 20, 2000 (reprint 2001, 2004) ISBN 980642350x

Bogotá: Editorial Intermedio, Colección Biblioteca Profesional, 2004, ISBN 9587091965.

The origin of this translation goes back to the journey taken by a large section of the Imperial Library from the Forbidden City to South America. I wrote about its history for the newspaper El Nacional, national circulation in  Venezuela, section "Papel Literario":

-"Historia de una traducción: Los Cuatro Libros de Confucio (History of a Translation: The Four Books of Confucius)", June 9th, 2001 (Cuerpo A, p. A10).


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